Blinds vs Shades: What’s the Difference?

There are few options when it comes to coverage for your windows. People seem to look out for shades or blinds in Calgary when searching for the right coverage for their windows. Both are rather popular choices, but what makes them different?

Know the differences to find one that suits your needs and windows perfectly!

Understanding Blinds & Shades 

What are Blinds?

If you’re lost on what blinds look like exactly, you can be assured that shedding light on their style and function can help you identify them the next time you’re searching for new window coverings. You can easily identify blinds as hard, rigid window coverings because of their slats. The slats can rotate open or close through a pull cord that brings in or blocks out light.

What are Shades?

Window shades are made of softer materials since they’re solid lengths of fabric on a continuous roll. Typically these window coverings are opaque from their material, where they can fit nicely into your window and are all neatly stacked at the top when you let light into your home. For the most part, shades can be drawn up and down exclusively through cords or rolled up from a spring device. 

What Are Their Differences?

The root of their differences lies in how their design and how they reflect your window coverage preferences. 

Here are a few key differences between the two listed below:

Light Control

Shades can completely light up your room or shut out all light if you don’t want to be woken up easily by the morning sun. Meanwhile, blinds give you more light control by being able to direct the light to your liking by it filtering in from between the slats. 

Materials Used

Shades are made of only opaque textiles, making them effective for maximum privacy. On the other hand, blinds have more options for materials ranging from wood, bamboo, aluminum, and vinyl.

Different Maintenance

To clean blinds, all you need is a cloth or duster to clean any dirt accumulated on the slats. When it comes to shades, a vacuum’s brush attachment can help clean it because of its fabric makeup or can be gently spot cleaned. 

Heat Retention

If you want more airflow into your home, blinds are perfect if that’s what you prefer. However, if you’re concerned about keeping a certain temperature in your home, shades can provide that for you – making them an energy-efficient window covering. 

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