How Much are Blinds in Calgary?

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Many in Calgary assume blinds are included in every home – that’s not always true. With longer days now, folks will want to control how much sunlight seeps into their homes. Issues like being woken up from blinding sunshine can be an unwelcome disruption to your beauty sleep.

A good solution are blinds – but how much do they cost?

Read on and see what variables contribute to the overall price.

Types of Blinds 

The beauty behind picking out blinds is choosing the style and materials that fit the aesthetic of your home. Yet, these design elements affect the cost. Budget-friendly materials include aluminum, vinyl, or faux wood.

Higher quality wood or metal material and alternative materials like fabrics are available – but are costly. 

The style of blinds contributes to cost as well. 

  • Slat Blinds – Depending on materials, the average cost per window ranges from $120-$140. Meanwhile, the price range per window can be between $48-$400 for aluminum slat blinds. In contrast, faux wood is between $64-$600.
  • Vertical Blinds – Vertical Blinds are perfect for you if you have sliding doors and wide or tall windows. The average cost per window is $260, and the price range per window is between $110-$560.
  • Zebra BlindsZebra blinds are popular for their more modern design. You can expect the average cost per window to be $380 and the price range per window to be between $300-$850.
  • ShuttersShutters can complement your whole home, making them the priciest style. Generally, the average cost per window is $471, while the price range per window is $150-$1,200.
shutter bllinds

Labour For Installation

The customization of your blinds will affect the cost of installation. Materials and style of blinds factor in, but so do the windows’ size and quantity. Large windows reaching can be costly since they may require customization. If you need blinders for a few windows, you can expect to be paying less for installation costs.

On average, you can expect to pay approximately $265 per job, including materials for custom blinds. As a result, the labour required can range from $145-$500.

Including Additional Features

Modernity has brought a level of convenience through motorized blinds. These allow you to open your blinds remotely, with the average cost ranging from $102-$399 per unit. 

Other upgrades include automatic blinds that you can program set times to open or close your blinds from a downloadable app. Meanwhile, smart blinds are a step up by controlling your blinds directly from your phone.

Depending on your blinds, the average cost per window ranges from $350-$450.

Many variables contribute to the overall cost of blinds. An accurate way to determine the total costs would be to reach out for a quote and find the best blinds at an affordable price.

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