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Do you hope to meld modern innovation with antiquated beauty? With roman shades, smooth stacking, even operation and sumptuous charm are at your fingertips. Grasp the best of human ingenuity and tradition for every room in your house with Shade It. 

A consistent and attractive look, the Vignette line offers a simple and endearing look. They are also low-maintenance, giving you more time to admire them rather than clean them.
An innovative cellular structure is behind the energy efficiency of these cellular shades, but the timeless appeal is all the classic look of Roman shades. Sound absorption and light control make them a standout among standouts.
Design Studio
You don’t need to settle for anything less than perfect with custom shades available in a range of designer fabrics. Alluring, luminous, and lofty, only you can decide the best look with these quality products.
Automated Roman Shades
When you want to have automated shades with a classic and lasting appeal, you’ll likely opt for the Roman style. They are luxuriously made of top-quality materials to improve your home.
Find What's Right
For Your Space

Talk to Our Designer About
Roman Shades in Calgary

Sometimes, it’s hard to put your visions into words. In those times, you can work with our professional and experienced interior designer to discuss options, choose a focus and express yourself.

Wide Selection of Colours, Fabrics & Opacities

Silks, jacquards, sheers, linens, natural weaves and tweeds describe only some of the many possible fabrics available for your roman shades in Calgary. Combine these with an impressive selection of colours and opacities, and you have the signature selection that comes standard with Shade It.

Convenient & Smooth Operation

Convenience has never felt so natural. Upgrade your roman blinds in Calgary to allow them to open and close automatically, or enjoy the smooth and silent manual operation that comes with high-quality materials and expert design. Either way, you’ll be left wondering why you struggled with awkward pull strings for so long.

Light Control & Aesthetic

The incredible aesthetic of roman shades in Calgary is matched only by their versatility. Darker or lighter fabrics dictate the amount of light that will enter your home, giving you the ability to harness the full potential of every window. Find your favourite with Shade It.

How to Measure Your Windows

Remember: Measure the window itself, not the old blinds

Inside Mount
Measure the Depth
of the Window Frame

Depth requirements fluctuate based on the product. If your chosen blinds do not fit inside the window, they will have to be mounted outside of it.

Measure the Width

Measure across the top, middle and bottom of inside the window, choose the shortest length and round down to the nearest ⅛".

Measure the Height

Take three top down measurements across the length of the frame. This time, the largest measurement is correct. Round up to the nearest ⅛". With vertical blinds, choose the shortest measurement.

Outside Mount
Measure the Width

Measure the top, middle and bottom of the inside of the window and add 3-4".

Measure the Height

Take three top down measurements across the length of the frame. Add 2-3" to the top and any additional length needed at the bottom to achieve your preferred look or hang.

We offer many fabrics. They come equipped with a diverse set of features, which may include UV protection and more. Contact us for more information. 

We design and custom make all our products, so it is best to speak with us directly for any pricing inquiries.

The warranty information is provided by Hunter Douglas and is available by following this link.