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Do you desire to feel the ocean breeze no matter where you are? With durable, resilient and modern wood-like shutters, you can spark this feeling with every glance at your home. Perfect for privacy and convenience, experience coastal bliss and charm today with Shade It.

Palm Beach
Built to take the heat, these shutters are guaranteed for a lifetime against warping, cracking, fading, discolouration and peeling. They are water-resistant and the only motorized option currently available on the market.
The grain-like finish of these man-made products gives the rich and classic appearance of wood. But, the durability of the composite materials means that their beauty is everlasting.
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Sometimes, it’s hard to put your visions into words. In those times, you can work with our professional and experienced interior designer to discuss options, choose a focus and express yourself.

Customizable Shapes

We offer window shutters in Calgary for all windows. Whether you have arched, oval, round or square windows, our shutters are made to match. With customization at the core of our business, it’s easy to see the appeal of all our products.

Quality Materials

Made from a UV-resistant compound, our Calgary shutters are guaranteed never to warp, fade, peel, chip or crack. Plus, they won’t discolour with direct sun exposure, leaving you with an impeccable look that stands the test of time. They’ll even resist the extreme heat and chill of our Albertan weather!

Large Selection of Colours

Our Calgary shutters, like all our products, are available in a vast selection of colours, giving you the freedom to choose the look that works for you. Whether you want a strong accent to contrast with your exterior or a bold and unforgettable facade, Shade It is here to help.

How to Measure Your Windows

Remember: Measure the window itself, not the old blinds

Inside Mount
Measure the Depth
of the Window Frame

Depth requirements fluctuate based on the product. If your chosen blinds do not fit inside the window, they will have to be mounted outside of it.

Measure the Width

Measure across the top, middle and bottom of inside the window, choose the shortest length and round down to the nearest ⅛".

Measure the Height

Take three top down measurements across the length of the frame. This time, the largest measurement is correct. Round up to the nearest ⅛". With vertical blinds, choose the shortest measurement.

Outside Mount
Measure the Width

Measure the top, middle and bottom of the inside of the window and add 3-4".

Measure the Height

Take three top down measurements across the length of the frame. Add 2-3" to the top and any additional length needed at the bottom to achieve your preferred look or hang.

Our shutters and other products are available in a number of different sizes and shapes. We also offer a variety of products, including vertical blinds, roller shades, and more. Please contact us for more information about specific products.

As our products are custom-made and uniquely designed for your home, an accurate price is difficult to offer. Instead, contact us for a detailed quote and to explore your options. 

The NewStyle line is made from a wood composite material co-extruded with a polypropylene coating for increased longevity.