Simple & Elegant Roller Shades

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Clean & Contemporary

Do you crave simplicity and elegance? With clean, crisp and contemporary roller shades, you can create unmatched comfort and convenience in your home. Ideal for making subtle statements and adding depth to your windows, relish the simple things with Shade It today.

Designer Roller Shades
Simplicity, innovation and style merge into one with our designer roller shades. They are attractive, quality pieces that beautifully reimagine your home as a contemporary, minimalist space.
Designer Screen Shades
When you want extra protection from harsh rays, you’ll want our designer screen shades. They are available in varying levels of opacity and are especially effective for sunrooms and patios.
Design Studio
Whimsical, fresh, airy and delightful, this exclusive collection by Rebecca Atwood is the ideal addition to your home. Full of interesting patterns and modern colour palettes, find your favourite today.
The Sonnette line is a shining example of simple luxury, combining the operation of a traditional roller with an extra layer of insulation thanks to a unique, energy-efficient design.
Automated Roller Shades
When you want all the clean, contemporary aesthetics of roller shades with the convenience and elegance of automation, Shade It steps up. Call us today to explore your options.
Find What's Right
For Your Space

Talk to Our Designer About
Roller Shades in Calgary

Sometimes, it’s hard to put your visions into words. In those times, you can work with our professional and experienced interior designer to discuss options, choose a focus and express yourself.

Exclusive Fabrics & Colours

We’re proud to offer an incredible amount of customization with our roller shades in Calgary. We offer UV-resistant fabrics and many different colours to ensure you can access everything you need to realize your design goals. And, since we partner with top brands, we offer options you may have not even considered.

Convenient Light & Temperature Control

Convenience can make all the difference where it concerns roller shades in Calgary. This extends to our ability to manipulate and change these products to deliver the perfect amount of light and heat for any time of the day. Our products give you full control over these variables whenever you need.

Optimized Energy Efficiency

Overheating or overcooling your home can affect your energy costs, but not with our roller blinds in Calgary. These products not only help regulate your home’s interior temperature, but also prevent the fading and wear of the sun on your furniture and flooring, all while looking elegant and beautiful.

How to Measure Your Windows

Remember: Measure the window itself, not the old blinds

Inside Mount
Measure the Depth
of the Window Frame

Depth requirements fluctuate based on the product. If your chosen blinds do not fit inside the window, they will have to be mounted outside of it.

Measure the Width

Measure across the top, middle and bottom of inside the window, choose the shortest length and round down to the nearest ⅛".

Measure the Height

Take three top down measurements across the length of the frame. This time, the largest measurement is correct. Round up to the nearest ⅛". With vertical blinds, choose the shortest measurement.

Outside Mount
Measure the Width

Measure the top, middle and bottom of the inside of the window and add 3-4".

Measure the Height

Take three top down measurements across the length of the frame. Add 2-3" to the top and any additional length needed at the bottom to achieve your preferred look or hang.

We carry metal, wood, vinyl and various fabric materials for many of our products, including our rollers shades, zebra shades and roman shades. Therefore, it is best to contact us for specific information and accurate quotes.

All our products are designed to require minimal care and maintenance, but you can always refer to the provided manual for more information. Generally speaking, regular dusting, vertical-stroke vacuuming or compressed air are sufficient. 

All information about the lifetime warranty offered by Hunter Douglas can be found on their website. Follow this link for the details.